SIDDHADREAMS crossed 1,00,000 pageviews!

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SIDDHADREAMS crossed 1,00,000 pageviews in its all time history. It has been made possible only because of you the readers and supporters of this blog. SIDDHADREAMS proudly consider this as another stepping stone. From the beginning since December 2005, SIDDHADREAMS has been thriving to promote Siddha System of Medicine by giving unique articles and other contents. Lot more will be in future.

SIDDHADREAMS express its sincere thanks to its readers and subscribers from google reader/friend connect/Facebook/Feedburner.

Effective use of internet & computer for Academic Research

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Someone who is a coach, role model and friend,
Never tells you how or what
Who offers new perspectives
But helps you find the answers within yourself
Who nurtures his people to be better than himself 
Someone who shows you all the moves
And then applauds from the stands, 

as you break the stereotype,

Lets nurture the leaders within us!
Happy teachers day!

Siddha Medicine therapy for Autism at Chennai

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Swabhimaan is a Trust, lead by Dr.Partheeban a Siddha Medical Graduate working for the welfare of people with autism in India. It is located by the second largest coastline in the world, at the suburbs of Chennai. The Trust has blossomed out of a three-year-old dream of Indian medical doctors and parents of children with autism.

The trust was principally started as a Indian medical research center, where yoga, siddha medicines, ayurvedic massages and naturopathy treatments are customized according to the needs of children with autism and found that children were happier and far more co operative. Autism, is a spectrum disorder where no two children are alike. It is a multifaceted disorder, where the various problems of the child cannot be addressed by a single professional. This alone was not enough as we could not cater to their multiple needs. Therefore the trust expanded the center.

Comprehensive list of Medicinal Plants of India

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Though it has 800+ plants, it is not a complete list.

1 Abelmoschus crinitus WALL.
2 Abelmoschus esculentus (L.) MOENCH
3 Abelmoschus ficulneus (L.) WIGHT & ARN.
4 Abelmoschus manihot (L.) MEDIK.
5 Abelmoschus moschatus MEDIK.
6 Abies densa W. Griff. ex.Parker

Siddha expert published rare books on Varma therapy

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Dr. Kannan Rajaram  a siddha medical graduate and an expert in varma therapy revealed the age old medical practices of varma therapy by his books. These methods are collected from asaans of various parts of Kanyakuymari District of Tamilnadu most of them were kept as secrets. Being a heir of Traditional varma therapist he included therapeutic methods of his own tradition  in his publications. These books filled the gap i.e lack of books for varma in siddha education.

siddhadreams is proud of him.

List of his publications

Marine organisms in Indian medicine and their future prospects- Review article on Siddha Medicine

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Abstract: The marine ecosystem is a rich source of both biological and chemical diversity which has been explored in the discovery of unique chemicals, having potential for industrial development as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, nutritional supplements, molecular probes, fine chemicals and agrochemicals. In recent years, a significant number of novel metabolites with potent pharmacological properties have been discovered from marine organisms. In the present paper various research reports on some marine organisms used in different Indian systems of medicine have been discussed for further developments.
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