Siddha Vaithiya Agarathi (சித்த வைத்திய அகராதி) -Siddha Medical Dictionary Ebook

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Raama. Gurusamy Konaar
இராம. குருசாமி கோனார்
Siddha Vaithiya Agarathi (சித்த வைத்திய அகராதி) is a dictionary/glossary of siddha medicinemainly deals with the plant kingdom of Siddha Medicine.

The original publication in hard copy (first edition) done on 1928 by the Great Legend "Raama. Gurusamy Konaar" at his Ramachandravilasam Press.

SIDDHADREAMS is proud to dedicate this book to public domain at the largest free online book archive. Most Probably this is the very first Ebook of one of the prestigious publications of this Great Legend "Raama. Gurusamy Konaar".

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