Actual usage of Indian traditional medicines - NSSO begins survey

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Though the common perception is that traditional medicinal systems like ayurveda and unani have wide acceptability in India, the first-of-its-kind survey on their actual usage will commence soon in the country.

The National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO) has for the first time included some questions about AYUSH (auyrveda, yoga and naturapathy, unani, siddha and homeopathy) in their consumer expenditure schedule for the 68th annual round of socio-economic surveys.

India to more concern with quality of Medicinal Plants

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India's wonder plants with medicinal properties will now come with a special "good quality tag" with the government putting in place a voluntary certification scheme for medicinal plant produce based on good agricultural practices and good field collection practices. 

This, the government said, will enhance confidence in the quality of India's medicinal plant produce and make available good quality raw material to the ayurvedic and herbal drugs industry. 

SIDDHADREAMS crossed 10,000 pageviews per month

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SIDDHADREAMS crossed 10,000 pageviews per month. It has been made possible only  because of you the readers and supporters of this blog. thank you for this. SIDDHADREAMS proudly consider this as another stepping stone. 

Modern Pulsometer for Naadi analysis in Siddha Medicine

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Siddha Medical science got an uplift with a modern pulsometer to analyse Naadi which is the basic diagnostic tool in Traditional Siddha System of Medicine. Naadi is a great tool developed by the Dravidian people in ancient times and recorded by Siddhars the founders of Siddha Medicine. Naadi sodhanai is a method entirely different from Modern Pulse analysis. Naadi sodhanai is based on the Three Humours of the body called Vatham, Pittham, Kabam which are propelled by the five elements of the universe which are also found is the body. Naadi sodhanai is to diagnose the patient by analysing the derangement of the above three humours of the body. 
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