Uniform treatment protocol to manage type-2 diabetes - CTMR

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A uniform treatment protocol backed by 59 practising Siddha physicians and NGOs across Tamil Nadu was put forward by the Chennai-based Centre for Traditional Medicines and Research (CTMR) for managing type-2 diabetes.

The protocol was declared in a seminar of Siddha doctors on the world diabetes day in Chennai by CTMR. According to the organisation, the protocol is to be accepted and followed by all Siddha practitioners in India in order to develop a common code of function for diabetes treatment, and rules to regulate it.

Due to lack of an established pattern for applying Siddha treatment methods on patients at different places, the stakeholders are losing so many advantages and the system is ignored on several occasions, opined doctors assembled in the seminar.

The hidden link of Buddhism and Siddha tradition on Silver Screen- 7am Arivu (7ஆம் அறிவு)

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With the Tamil film 7 am arivu (meaning 7th sense) catching imagination of even common man about Bodhi Dharma, curious readers are all looking for more on his personality and findings.

Bodhi Dharma was a Tamil prince born in Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu. He travelled to China to spread Buddhism. He is worshipped in China.

Enlightenment, Meditation, Yoga etc are related to inner contemplation which have been explored by saints, wise men, gurus, god men through their 7’th sense. These Indian men lived in greater India from Afghanistan to Tamil Nadu from ancient times. Bodhi Dharma was one of them.

We all have five physical senses. The rational thinking of the human being is the sixth sense. Our brain collects information using five senses through seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching and arrives at a analytical conclusion by Sixth sense. The seventh sense is finding the truth by transcending the sixth sense. That is the next stage. The ways of attaining seventh sense are practiced by enlightened individuals.
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