Agathiyar Poorana Soothiram (அகத்தியர் பூரண சூத்திரம்) Siddha Medicine Ebook Download

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Remembering the legends of 20th Century who spent their whole life to wrote / publish siddha literature. From their sole contributions only the Siddha system now flourishes.

Here the Siddhadreams now publishing an  E-book "Agathiyar Poorana Soothiram (அகத்தியர் பூரண சூத்திரம்) " into the public domain.

The book Agathiyar Poorana Soothiram deals with the basic principles and some rare medicinal preparation methods from Siddha Medicine.

The original publication in hard copy done on 1950s (Factual information not available since the E-book has been created from the 3rd edition published on 1964) by G.Ramasamy Kon of Madurai at his Ramachandra Vilasam Press, Vadakku Masi Veethi (North Maasi Street), Madurai.

Download the E-book from the largest free online book archive.

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