Prophylactic effect of ‘Nandukkal Parpam’

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Another interesting study on Nandukkal Parpam!

Prophylactic effect of ‘Nandukkal Parpam’ (A Siddha Combination Drug) on Ethylene Glycol induced Calcium Oxalate Microlithiasis in the kidneys of Wistar rats done by N Arunai Nambiraj, TMR Panicker, S Seethalakshmi, Chinnama Abraham, M Paul Korath and K Jagadeesan of KJ Hospital Research and Post Graduate Centre, Chennai 600 084.

In this study the effect of oral administration of ‘Nandukkal parpam’ (a siddha combination drug) on calcium oxalate microlithiasis was studied in male wistar rats. Ethylene glycol and ammonium chloride in drinking water were given orally to male wistar rats to induce calcium oxalate crystals in renal tissue the initial phase of urinary stone formation. The deposition of calcium oxalate crystals in kidneys of wistar rats on ethylene glycol and treated with nandukkal parpam is much lesser than in the group of rats on ethylene glycol only (p < 0.001).

Original article at Bombay Hospital Journal

Spectroscopic Analysis of Siddha Medicine “Nandukkal Parpam” (நண்டுக்கல் பற்பம்)

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“Nandukkal Parpam” a Siddha Medicine preparation is mainly used for curing the urinary obstructions, inflammation of uro-genital tract and grand in urine and bladder. This paper deals with the study of UV spectroscopy and constant deviation spectrograph on this medicine.

It's another important study done by a Non-Siddha Graduate S.Ariponnammal, Department of Physics, Gandhigram Rural Institute, Gandhigram, Dindigul District Tamil Nadu, INDIA. The study has been reported in Research Journal of Recent Sciences Vol. 1(5), 59-61, May (2012).


Agathiyar Tharukka Saasthiram (அகத்தியர் தருக்க சாஸ்திரம்) Siddha Medicine Ebook

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Celebrating Mother's day!

Here the SIDDHADREAMS now publishes an E-book "Agathiyar Tharukka Saasthiram (அகத்தியர் தருக்க சாஸ்திரம்)" into the public domain.

The book  Agathiyar Tharukka Saasthiram  deals with the basic principles of Siddha Medicine.

The original publication in hard copy (first edition) done on 1936 by G.Ramasamy Kon of Madurai at his Ramachandra Vilasam Press, Vadakku Masi Veethi (North Maasi Street), Madurai.

Download the E-book from the largest free online book archive.

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