Agathiyar Rana Nool (அகத்தியர் இரண நூல்) Siddha Medicine Ebook

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Agathiyar Rana Nool is a book of Siddha medicine preparations for diseases like Wound, Ulcers of Various types, Chancre, Cyst etc. which is being dealt in Surgery. Ranam (இரணம்) is the term stands for wound and related lesions. This book having various types of preparations for such lesions. 

Published by Pazhani Dhandayuthapani Temple Siddha Medical Books Publication division in the year 1975. They are one of the top publishers of Siddha literatures published books directly from palmleaf and other manuscripts. 

Siddhadreams is proud to make this book available online at open domain. 

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Gold-based Medicines face price hike

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Gold Concoction
Patients may have to pay more for gold-based-Indian medicines as prices of the metal have touched an all-time high.

Indian medicine experts said that prices of such medicines had increased by up to 30%. The hike has put the drugs out of the reach of a number of patients. "There has been an overall hike in the prices of Ayurvedic & Siddha medicines but the prices of heavy metal-based pills that contain gold have gone up highest," said M Raghupathy, a trader. The price of standard gold has hit Rs 27,800 per 10 gram.

An impressive blog on Home Remedies in Siddha Medicine

post-edit 1 comments is based on an idea – that India’s traditional knowledge systems can provide valuable answers to solving modern problems. Whether it’s science, healthcare, education, or technology, the scholars of India have evolved comprehensive understandings of life over the millennia that demonstrate how people can remain balanced and how we can help keep balance in our world. Unfortunately, much of this great wisdom has been lost through the years.'s goal to revive this knowledge and make it accessible to people in this era through relevant programs, products, and services.

The main goal for granny therapy is to provide a way for the modern man to get a healthy lifestyle even in his busy schedule. We provide you with the knowledge of using the South Indian spices that are commonly used

Vaithiyanugoola Jeevaratchani (வைத்தியானுகூல ஜீவரட்சனி) Siddha Medicine EBook Download

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Vaithiyanugoola Jeevaratchani (வைத்தியானுகூல ஜீவரட்சனி) written by Angamuthu Muthaliar, Published by Mr.Ramasamy Naidu at Lakshmi Narayana Vilas Press, Chennai on 1896 AD. It is a book of preparations of Siddha Medicines. Most of the types of medicines are described by the author. The book is digitized by Thamizhkanal @ Pollachinasan  of

Siddhadreams is proud to introduce this Ebook with profound thanks to
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Exhibition and lecture on preservation of rare books at RMRL

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Printed advertisement for Pandit S. S. Anandam’s
Tamil (Siddha) Medicines, early 20th century.
Courtesy: Roja Muthiah Research Library, Chennai.

Roja Muthiah Research Library 

invites you for special lectures


an exhibition

on the eve of Madras Week celebrations

Siddha physician-cum-RDO got state award for courage and daring in service

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The state's Kalpana Chawla award for courage and daring enterprise was presented to Trichy revenue divisional officer Dr S Sangeetha, who conducted search operations and made a major seizure of 5.11 crore in cash meant for distribution to voters in the run up to the state assembly elections. (See more details here)

Tamil Nadu chief minister J.Jayalalithaa presented the award to her on the occasion of Independence Day. "I am very happy to receive the award. Such awards will inspire many youngsters to discharge their duty well," Sangeetha told TOI. The award carries a medal, a certificate and 5 lakh in cash. 

Glossary of Malayalam name to Botanical name of Siddha medicinal plants

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List obtained from website of Agriculture Dept. of Kerala with some corrections on Botanical names. Some common plants also listed. Source:

Malayalam name
Common name
Botanical name
Pimenta dioica
Indian bean
Lablab purpureus
Asgand (Hindi Name)
Withania somnifera
Jungle jack/Aini
Artoearpus hirsutus
Ricinus communis
Citrus decumana

Tamil to English Dictionary of Medicine by TV Sambasivam Pillai Vol-1, Part-2 (pages 450-581 ) Ebook Download

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Get the Vol-1 Part-2 (Page No.369-449) from 

Tamil to English Dictionary of Medicine by TV Sambasivam Pillai Vol-1, Part-2 Ebook Download

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At last the wait is over!

The top contribution to Siddha medicine in last century, The Tamil to English Dictionary of Medicine - Chemistry, Botany and Allied Sciences edited by Thanjavur Vilvayyaa mannaiyaar Sambasivam Pillai @ TV Sambasivam Pillai (சாம்பசிவம் பிள்ளை சித்த மருத்துவ அகராதி) Extends More than 6000 pages having detailed description for almost all terms used in Siddha Medicine and other allied sciences is on public domain now! 

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CTMR hits centaury in Digitization of Siddha Manuscripts

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One hundred bundles of age-old palm manuscripts collected from different healers and institution trained Siddha physicians have been digitized by CTMR. The project supported by Dept. of AYUSH, Govt. of India commenced in April 2011. The process of collection of the palm manuscripts was done with briefing of different healers associations and individual physicians. The information was also spread through Short Messaging Services and blogging apart from mails. The CTMR team also visited various libraries like Oriental library, Chennai, U.Ve. Swaminathan library, Chennai, International Institute of Tamil Studies, Sarawati Mahal Library, Tamil University library, Publication division
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