Agathiyar Rana Nool (அகத்தியர் இரண நூல்) Siddha Medicine Ebook

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Agathiyar Rana Nool is a book of Siddha medicine preparations for diseases like Wound, Ulcers of Various types, Chancre, Cyst etc. which is being dealt in Surgery. Ranam (இரணம்) is the term stands for wound and related lesions. This book having various types of preparations for such lesions. 

Published by Pazhani Dhandayuthapani Temple Siddha Medical Books Publication division in the year 1975. They are one of the top publishers of Siddha literatures published books directly from palmleaf and other manuscripts. 

Siddhadreams is proud to make this book available online at open domain. 

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i like to know the all the books written by Agathiyar and bogar where i ask study and i can purchase

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agathiyar kol iv valai vetriyudan thigala en valthukkal!

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