Modern Pulsometer for Naadi analysis in Siddha Medicine

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Siddha Medical science got an uplift with a modern pulsometer to analyse Naadi which is the basic diagnostic tool in Traditional Siddha System of Medicine. Naadi is a great tool developed by the Dravidian people in ancient times and recorded by Siddhars the founders of Siddha Medicine. Naadi sodhanai is a method entirely different from Modern Pulse analysis. Naadi sodhanai is based on the Three Humours of the body called Vatham, Pittham, Kabam which are propelled by the five elements of the universe which are also found is the body. Naadi sodhanai is to diagnose the patient by analysing the derangement of the above three humours of the body. 

The process of Naadi sodhanai involves keen observation of the waves perceived on the artery and comparison of calculative measures of the depth and impact of the waves perceived. Its somewhat a difficult job to learn and to expertise in Naadi sodhanai and requires years of practice to achieve expertise.

And now the scientists from various fields of science have developed a modern pulsometer for diagnosis on the basis of Naadi sodhanai in Siddha Medicine. The scholars who have done this great achievement are

B.Persis Urbana Ivy, Assistant Professor, SITE, VIT University, Vellore, India 632014.  

Dr.R.Rani Hema Malini, Prof & Head, E&I Dept, St.Peter’s University,  Chennai, India 600 054.

Siddhadreams is proud to say that the Whole Siddha community is thankful and proud to these scholars. Undoubtedly  it is one of the greatest contribution to the Siddha Field from the Non-Siddha scholars of this era.
Download  the full text of the research paper published in International Journal of Computer Applications about the Modern Pulsometer for Naadi analysis in Siddha Medicine.

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really superb. Congrats and we are proud of you doctors..

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