Uniqueness of Siddha System has been proved again!

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A novel achievement

Arun Sudha & T.S. Chandra from Department of Biotechnology, and V.S. Murty from Department of Physics,
Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai-600 036, India are the great scholars who have done a great job to prove the uniqueness of Siddha syatem of medicine and published it in American Journal of Infectious Diseases.

What they have done?

Siddha medicines like Poorna Chandrodaya Chenduram, Kshaya Kulanthaga Chenduram, Velli Parpam, Naga Chenduram, Naga Parpam and three different popular brands of Linga Chenduram were subjucted to various analytical procedures like ICP-OES, XRD, FTIR, TGA, DLS, TEM, SEM and EDAX analysis.These commercially available formulations are used for treating various diseases in traditional clinical practice in India and are usually prepared from purified metal, triturated with decoction of herbal juices. They are generally prescribed in the dose of 100-200 mg day-1 and recommended to be taken with a suitable adjuvants like butter, ghee or honey.

Highlights of the results

Dosage of these drugs according to Traditional Siddha medical science (0.1 g kg-1 day-1) for 7 consecutive days did not produce any toxic effects in experimental mice.

EDAX revealed that the medicines had metal mainly in oxide or sulphide form.

Among the metal based herbal medicines studied here, Linga Chenduram is found to have more number of particles in the nano range. TEM also confirmed the nano particles. They are generally taken with the adjuvants such as butter, ghee or honey. This can lead to better bio-absorption of some of these medicines.

These fingerprints could explain both the similarities and differences between various samples successfully and is a valuable primary tool for checking the quality control of metal-based medicines.

"Thus the scholars of IITM silently answered the questions of the modern medical world! It is the good news for all of us in this new year 2010."

siddhadreams is very proud of the scholars of IITM and Dr.Ujjevanam, Lecturer, Govt.Siddha Medical College, Chennai who helped the scholars of IITM.

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