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Health Secretary-Tamilnadu- clarifies on Government Order

The State government is categorical that Government Order No.248 on practitioners of Indian Systems of Medicine does not give a licence to non-allopathic doctors to practise allopathy outright.

“We have only gone by the provisions of the Central Council of Indian Medicine Act, and we have not added a single extra line,” Principal Secretary, Health, V.K. Subburaj told The Hindu on Thursday. The G.O., a “mere extension of the CCIM,” was only devised as a means of protecting the practitioners of Siddha, Ayurveda and Unani from being arrested during the anti-quackery drives conducted by the State, he explained. It was meant to give them immunity when proceeded against under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act. The list of ‘quacks' was provided by the Indian Medical Association Tamil Nadu branch, to the government.

They have been allowed to store some essential drugs (allopathic), including for TB (the subject is taught in ISM courses) and emergency care, but nowhere has it been stated that a practitioner of ISM could call himself an allopathy specialist.

“Treatment for small wounds and injuries, and the requirements for such care are allowed to ISM practitioners. But, we have not authorised them to perform highly skilled surgeries as has been contended,” Mr. Subburaj said.

The State Health Department fully intends to convey its views in passing the G.O. in its reply to the Court, he added.

Source: The Hindu

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