Thirumoolar Karukkidai Vaithiyam (திருமூலர் கருக்கிடை வைத்தியம்) Ebook Download

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Thirumoolar Karukkidai Vaithiyam _ Siddhadreams ebook
Thirumoolar Karukkidai Vaithiyam (திருமூலர் கருக்கிடை வைத்தியம்) deals with the basic principles of Siddha Medicine and describes about preparation of various types of medicines.

The original publication in hard copy (first edition) done on 1884 by Irusappa  Muthaliyar of Thiruvotriyoor.

SIDDHADREAMS is proud to dedicate this book to public domain at the largest free online book archive.

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Thirumoolar Karukkidai Vaithiyam _ Siddhadreams Ebook
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