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A team of three, Dr Amritjude, Dr Danesh M .R, Dr Prasanth M who are internees of Santhigiri Siddha Medical college, have started a blog named Siddhaherbarium. Which  is an initiative to give some thing beneficial to Siddha buds and all individuals who are interested in the area of materia medica. These team says through slides and videos things will get easier and the impact will be more.

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This blog is dedicated the Siddhars who realised the importance and uses of a plant and with whose grace the world is enjoying the benefits naturally without side effects. This blog created by a team called siddha mooligaikal. The vision of this team is to make the world familiar with the amazing mother nature and therapeutic importance of herbs in our day to day life. For easy understanding videos are presented as it is said that eyes are the best source to understand and memorize any matter.

Warm welcome and wishes to Siddhaherbarium.

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