Theraiyar kappiyam (தேரையர் காப்பியம்) siddha medicine Ebook download

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Theraiyar kappiyam (தேரையர் காப்பியம்) written by siddhar Theraiyar describes various methods of medicine preparations and types of medications in Siddha System of Medicine.

In this book Theraiyar explained various methods of metallic preparations of Siddha medicines like parpam (பற்பம்), centūram (செந்தூரம்), cuṇṇam (சுண்ணம்), and plant preparations like cūraṇam (சூரணம்), tailam (தைலம்), iḷakam (இளகம்) etc. and clinical methods like Naadi (நாடி) disease prevention methods etc.

This is one of the most famous books in Siddha Medicine.
Siddhadreams is proud to make this precious wealth online.

This book has been uploaded in with public domain license.

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