Most awaited database of Siddha Medicinal plants and herbs

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Plant Info Centre is creating database of around 11122 spicies in India and 5676 in Tamilnadu alone. For remaining plants the process of tamil naming is going on.

In tamil,out of 697 plants 90000 tamil names are there. In each plant, Plant Info Centre will provide
Classification Search, Family Name, Genus, Botanical Name, Author Name, Tamil Name -தமிழ் பெயர், Vernacular Names in English, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannadam, Tulu, Telungu, Hindhi, Konkani, Sanskrit, Marathi, English / Trade Name Habit, Propagation, Flower Colour, Flowering Season, Fruiting Season, Useful Parts, Centre of origin, Distribution, Economic Usage, Morphological character, Length Search

For Example,Neem(called as vembu in Tamil ) named other varities you can see the complete data by following this link. See Details of Neem

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very good information to safe guard an eldest medical system

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