Training program on manuscript reading and writing

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Saraswathi Mahal Library here is conducting a training programme on manuscript reading and writing from April 17 to May 7. Sixty-three persons, including professors and retired professors with post graduation in Tamil and degree in Siddha medicine would be taken up for the programme, a release from M.S.Shanmugham, Collector, who is also the director of the library, said here on Friday. Experts in reading and writing manuscripts would take the classes. The trainees can bring the information on medicine, arts and culture from the manuscripts to the people. They can also learn the Tamil grammar and literature. “Last year, only 25 persons underwent training. This year, 67 applications were received of which 63 were selected,” the Collector said.

He would inaugurate the training at 10 a.m.. P.Perumal, Expert in manuscripts, Sivaji Rajah Bhonsle, Administrative Committee member of the library, A.Meyyalagan, PA to Collector (general) and Mani Maran, Tamil Pandit would be present.

Source: The Hindu

Image Courtesy: Rathna raj

More: Official site of sarasvati mahal library

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Your update information is very useful to the needy society and all the SIDDHA DOCTORS!

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