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Bingala nigandu (or) Pinkala nikandu (or) Pingala nikandu (பிங்கல நிகண்டு) is a Tamil thesaurus written by Bingala Munivar a disiple of Dhivagara Munivar who wrote the first Nigandu in Tamil Language the Dhivagara Nigandu @ Senthan Dhivagaram of 8th Century AD.

Written in the 10th Century AD, the Bingala nigandu has 10 sections. Its  has definitions for 14,700 words.Interesting information about various classification of mankind, gods, animals, birds, plants are found in this book.
A thesaurus is a reference work that lists words grouped together according to similarity of meaning (containing synonyms and sometimes antonyms), in contrast to a dictionary, which contains definitions and pronunciations. The first example of the modern genre, Roget's Thesaurus, was compiled in 1805 by Peter Mark Roget, and published in 1852. Whereas the Dhivagara Nigandu the forerunner of all Nigandus in Tamil was compiled 1000 years before!
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This ebook has been created from a hard copy which was printed in 1917 by Madharas Ribbon Achiyanthira Saalai, Chennai, Priced INR 2.80.

SIDDHADREAMS dedicates this ebook to public domain at the largest free online book archive.
And yes!, this time after several analyses we come up with new optimizing  technique!
588 pages in 36.5 mb! Optimized for online reading and printing! Let your comments reach us on the quality of ebook!
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Pages: 588
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2. The following pages are not available in the ebook and the same will be updated soon. 278, 338, 424, 492, 566, 577, 583

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If I want this Nigadu book what shall I do, anyone can advise me.

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It is real appreciate to see this wonderful book after this century.

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