Digital human anatomy at its best!

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Today the world blood donar day. On this day explore the body in 3D!

The BioDigital Human is a 3D platform that simplifies the understanding of anatomy, disease and treatments. Interactive tools for exploring, dissecting, and sharing custom views, combined with detailed medical descriptions provide an unprecedented new visual format to learn about your body. 

 Relevant for anyone interested in health, medicine, anatomy, physiology and medical conditions. 

Promising features

     > Over 4000 peer reviewed anatomy models with descriptions

     > Dissect anatomy to reveal relationships in incredible clarity

     > Pathology and physiology presented in interactive animation

     > Share or export for custom views

Technical details:
This app uses the exciting new web standard for 3D - WebGL. At this time not all graphics cards are supported. To verify your computer supports WebGL a quick test is available at: Please note, the Bio Digital Human anatomy and conditions will continue to evolve. 

SIDDHADREAMS hope this would be a boon to students community!

Go and explore human anatomy right now here.

Text and image from Chrome webstore

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