Reformation of Siddha Medicine Education in Srilanka

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Development of the Educational Sector is a subject that has received great attention and importance.

Plans and objectives relating to the development of the educational sector is extensively elaborated in the Mahinda Chintana covering five pages under the caption ‘Enhancing knowledge and virtues’ with sub-headings ‘National education program’, ‘University to all program’ and ‘Livelihood skills program’. Accordingly new multi-storied school buildings have been built all over the country and at the same time reconstructing and renovating the school buildings destroyed by the Tsunami disaster in the coastal areas. Laboratories, libraries, computer centres, play grounds and swimming pools have been erected in schools throughout Srilanka.

New buildings for the Siddha Medicine Unit of the Jaffna University.

As a part of this funds have been allocated and construction underway for building several University hostel buildings in line with the government’s objective to enhance facilities to University students. A three-storied hostel building at Puliyakulam at a cost of Rs 154 million, to house 250 female students of the Faculty of Agriculture, of the Jaffna University and re-construction of the damaged buildings of the Siddha Medicine Unit of the Jaffna University, as a new five-storied building at a cost of Rs 109.5 million.


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